DCm-STUDIO, LLC is an architectural design practice, which deals with both real and speculative projects, exploring spatial organizations derived through the systematic subversion of normative architectural models and their adaptation to local ecologies. DCm-STUDIO was founded in 2001 by DANA CUPKOVA in New York City and is currently located in Ithaca, New York. DANA is a Director and a Design Principal of DCm-STUDIO. She approaches architecture as a field of cultural ecology that explores local material and tectonic systems, and creates responsive spatial solutions enabled by computational design techniques and form finding. Designs are derived from specific topological and social conditions to create architecture that is applicable to unique human condition, accommodates the speed of changing life styles and the need for new more adaptable models for living in diverse environments.
Currently DCm-STUDIO has merged operations with EPIPHYTE Lab, Architectural Design + Research Collaborative.
Please visit WWW.EPIPHYTE-Lab.com for more information.
Architecture is inherently a collaborative practice. Although DCm-STUDIO prides itself on unique approach to design, we recognize individual project contributions from various team members: designers, architects, contractors, consultants, interns and others. Please see DCm-STUDIO's list of projects' contributors