|| PHASE | BUILT, COMPLETED in 2003 ||
||SIZE | 3,800 SQF ||
|| The Glantz Brownstone Townhouse is 3800 sf interior renovation and sun-room addition to a traditional Brownstone row house in Brooklyn Heights with emphasis on the main reorganization of Parlor and Ground floor areas. This project was executed within in a design-build framework. The overall design strategy attempts to instrumentalize a new progression between a series of perceptual spatial frames, while negotiating the traditional aspects of the brownstone to accommodate a new contemporary lifestyle. Taking advantage of a need for an extensive addition of a global air-conditioning system, the interior surfaces were re-sculpted to house HVAC infrastructure. The new surface geometry performs under the constraint of minimal subtraction of the volume, while increasing the overall surface area to provide a series of interconnected planes for greater distribution of the light, as well as to accommodate versatility and dynamic fluctuation of connections and divisions between semi-open spaces. For more details visit the current Epiphyte Lab PRACTICE LINK. ||